Elevator Injury Attorney California

Elevators are commonplace in today’s society. Thousands of individuals use elevators on a daily basis to get to their homes or their workplaces. While it is certainly true that an elevator provides a high degree of convenience to a number of individuals, it is important to also note that a faulty elevator can pose a serious threat. Over the last decade there have been several injuries and deaths as a result of elevators malfunctioning. Buildings that incorporate elevators into their designs are required to have a maintenance crew that constantly checks to see if the elevators are functioning properly, and if any parts need replacing.

While all elevators come with weight limits that are explicitly stated, it is a complex piece of machinery that integrates several components. Over time, as an elevator experiences wear and tear, some components may deteriorate faster than others and result in an elevator malfunctioning. Once you are in an elevator, there is not much you can do to protect yourself.

Elevator Manufacturer Negligence

Nowadays, advancements in technology have not only allowed companies and manufacturers to improve the quality of components used in the production of elevators, but allow maintenance crews to assess the condition of an elevator better. Elevator injuries do still occur with high frequency and typically result in severe injuries. When an elevator malfunctions, and individuals sustain personal injuries, they may able to claim significant financial compensation from the manufacturer in question. Manufacturers need to follow stringent engineering codes and regulations when producing such equipment. Failure to abide by these regulations can result in hefty lawsuits that threaten the existence and reputation of the manufacturer.

Choose an El Dabe Lawyer

Individuals who have sustained serious personal injuries as a result of a faulty elevator are urged to contact a professional legal outfit such as El Dabe Law Firm immediately. There are a number of procedures and laws that need to be followed if a claim for compensation is to be filed and validated. Most individuals remain in the dark regarding the legal landscape that surrounds such cases which is why it is imperative to seek the help of experienced and knowledgeable legal advisors at El Dabe Law Firm.

At El Dabe, our team of lawyers have helped many of our clients rightfully secure compensation packages. We understand that elevator injuries can be life-threatening but it is in your best interests to equip yourself with the right legal aid so that you have the opportunity to get the justice that you deserve. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a faulty elevator, contact El Dabe and let us build your case together.