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California is one of the most populated states in the country.  The major cities in California (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego) are some of the most densely populated in the country.  As a result, there are a lot of people and a lot of car accidents.

Auto AccidentsThe heavy concentration of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and trucks crowd roadways at all times.  Add to that the increased instances of distracted driving and the situation is ripe for car accidents.  In fact, car accidents are inevitable.  Studies show that drivers in metropolitan areas will be involved in two major accidents in their lifetime.

If you suffered personal injury during a car, motorcycle or truck accident anywhere in California, you should speak with an attorney about your options.  The attorneys are Injury Law Central are happy to consult with you for free.

Auto Accident Lawyer in California

Many car accident victims assume that the accident was just that…just an accident. However, at Injury Law Central, our experienced auto accident lawyers are here to tell you that is not always the case.  80% of auto accidents are caused by driver distractions, not just adverse weather conditions or road conditions.  With so many distractions present in vehicles today, drivers are more preoccupied than ever when behind the wheel. Some of the most common driver distractions that can lead to an auto accident include:

  • Cell Phone use (calls, text messaging, internet use)
  • Reaching for moving objects on the floorboards or in the backseat
  • Looking at things outside the vehicle (billboards, other collisions, etc.)
  • Reading a newspaper or map
  • Applying makeup or shaving while driving
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Adjusting temperature controls, windows, radios and other devices in the car

Attorneys Helping Injured Car Accident Victims in California

Auto accidents can result in a wide array of injuries that can range from mild to severe. Many of them don’t even become apparent until days or weeks later.

Regardless of the severity of your personal injuries, the auto accident lawyers at Injury Law Central remind you to be aware of your physical condition. If you received medical attention or missed time from work, you should definitely seek compensation for these losses and expenses, especially when another driver’s negligence may have caused the accident. An California car accident attorney from Injury Law Central will help you take the necessary legal action against the responsible party to make sure you receive compensation that is fair and just.

What to Do After a Car Accident:

    • Call the police to report the accident.  If you are injured or feel pain, let the operator know.  Request that a report be filed.
    • Obtain the name, address, insurance company and policy number, vehicle license number and driver’s license number of all other people involved in the accident.
    • Also get the names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of all witnesses.
    • Photograph the accident scene, including all cars involved (before moving them) and any visible injuries (cuts, bruises, lacerations).
    • Sign nothing without consulting a California car accident lawyer.
    • Seek medical attention immediately.   Tell your doctor about any complaints of pain, no matter how minor. (If you don’t, the insurance company will later claim that your injury is not legitimate.)
    • Report the claim to your insurance company.  The other party’s insurance company may call you and ask for a recorded statement.  DO NOT GIVE THEM A RECORDED STATEMENT.

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